Keychron Q3 POM Plate

Keychron Q3 POM Plate
Keychron Q3 POM Plate

Keychron Q3 POM Plate

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POM Plate for Keychron Q3 

Made from polyoxymethylene (POM), these replacement plates are used to modify the sound and feel of your keyboard.  


1.5 - 1.6mm thick 

Has underside notches to ensure switch latch engagement 

Includes gaskets and standoffs



Please note that due to the manufacturing process, POM does not have a protective film applied. Because of this POM almost always contains surface imperfections such as light scratches. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to prevent this; however, the integrity of the plate is not affected at all. 

Some Manufacturers also include batch numbers in POM sheets on one side. When we create our plates, we ensure that all batch lettering will be facing down on the finished product.


All the keyboards we support, we own. Our products have been designed and tested on the keyboards they will be used with to ensure perfect fitment 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Pleasantly surprised

Ordered POM plates for my Q10 and Q3 since the PC plates offered by Keychron are perpetually out of stock. I did some research after placing the order and was concerned to read several reviews saying that the plates from Keyboard Kustoms were not machined well, came scratched up, and were generally not worth getting. To my relief, the two plates I got were excellent. Fit and finish is great, switches clip in with a satisfying amount of pressure, and my keyboards sound and feel a lot better now. Hopefully the reported issues are a thing of the past. Based on my own experience, I can recommend these plates.

use the standoffs

I saw the reviews about the standoffs not working as intended and causing interference. I used them with the nut on the bottom of the board and brass/gold screws go in from the top. No interference and everything locked into place nicely. I'm really happy with it and its cut much nicer than the stock plate.

I was concerned about transferring the stock gaskets over from the steel plate but i was relieved to find that the plate comes with new ones. I left the gaksets off under the spacebar and f5-58 keys and i still have some flex with a full poron foam kit packed in there.

A follow up review after more time with Q3 POM plate

Hello again,

Quick follow up review. I love it. The sound is wonderful and i really like it. Feels great when bottoming out too.

My sister tried it and she says it's the best modification I've made to the Q3. She likened it to a pleasant "bubble wrap popping" sound. Lol, she meant that as a compliment.

Highly recommend this after spending a few hours typing with it. I wasn't sure at first because i was so used to the steel plate sounds. But this POM is better.

Thank you,


Sounds good. Feels good.


Just received the POM plate in the mail tonight and installed it. Took me about an hour and a half because I'm slow and we need to remove all caps, switches, and unscrew the old plate from the PCB. I also re-applied fresh tape layers to the back of the PCB before closing up the case (blue painters masking tape). The POM kit includes new gaskets for use with the plate. These are slightly narrower and slightly softer than the original gaskets that came with the Keychron Q3. But if you have a Q3 you know that Keychron includes extra gaskets, so we could use those instead of the ones that come with the POM plate. I decided to use the new gaskets that came with the POM plate. They work great in my opinion. I added an extra gasket on the left and right far edges which, on the original steel plate were completely absent.

The original standoffs that come with the steel keychron plate are built into the plate itself and screws in from the back of the PCB. The original plate, the top of it is completely flush/flat even where the standoffs exist.

But on the new POM plate, the standoffs are not built into the plate. The standoffs are seperate pieces and need to be secured with a nut or screw from the top of the POM plate and also a nut or screw secures from the bottom of the PCB. The end result is that the POM plate is not a completely flat surface on top because a nut or screw rests ontop of the POM plate to secure the standoff. The problem with this design is that the keycaps that are near those standoff nut/screw will contact it. Before the switch can bottom out the nut/screw of the standoff interferes with the keycap travel. This affects the down arrow key, the right arrow key (standoff exists between those two keys), and the Left most CTRL key and Windows key (standoff exists between those two also)... and a few other which I cannot remember at the moment.

The workaround was not to use the standoffs that come with this POM plate at all. The switches themselves seem sufficient and server the purpose of the standoffs. I ended up disassembling the whole thing because I didn't test this until I had it almost fully assembled with keycaps when I discovered this.

It's very nice plate. I'm not certain if I liked it more than the steel plate. Maybe I'm weird. The entire keyboard is lighter obviously because that steel plate was heavy. I kindof miss that weight. I'm also not certain I like the sound better than the steel plate. I might just be saying that because I had grown accustom to the steel plate while using it. I'm not displeased with this POM plate but I'm very surprised regarding the standoffs interfering with keycap travel. I'm using keychron's own keycaps... OEM PBT DYE-SUB 1.6mm thick.

I'll keep it with this POM plate for a week or two and then perhaps try the steel plate again to be sure which plate I like the best.

*photos below are before installing the new POM. You can see the POM in the bag still. I didn't take photos of the standoff interference while they were on the POM plate because I was so exhausted and frustrated at the realization at that point, knowing I had to dissasemble it all over. I didn't think to take pictures of that, ha. But I did take a photo of the standoffs after I removed them to give you a better idea of their design.

I do recommend this POM plate if that's what you are looking for. Just know you'll likely decide not to use the standoffs that come with it.

Thank you,



Everything is here and there seem to be no defects at all. Overall the product looks and feels good

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