Keychron K4 POM Plate

Keychron K4 POM Plate

Keychron K4 POM Plate

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POM Plate for Keychron K4


Made from polyoxymethylene (POM), these replacement plates are used to modify the sound and feel of your keyboard. 

1-5 - 1.6mm thick

Has underside notches to ensure switch latch engagement


Please note that due to the manufacturing process, POM does not have a protective film applied. Because of this POM almost always contains surface imperfections such as light scratches. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to prevent this; however, the integrity of the plate is not affected at all. 

Some Manufacturers also include batch numbers in POM sheets on one side. When we create our plates, we ensure that all batch lettering will be facing down on the finished product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Zoltán Laky
Still not delivered

I cannot review the product because it is still en route. I have also not received an update since April 20. Order number is 3613.

Christopher Tall
And just like that, the anvil is gone.

Combined with the foam mods to deaden the hollow reverberation of the empty plastic shell, the metallic *pang* of the original Keychron metal plate is finally gone. My K4 is now a solid feeling—and sounding—board. Just be aware it seems it doesn't hold the key switches quite as firmly in place when you go to remove keycaps. I didn't seem to have the issue the other reviewer did with the plate screws interfering with the switches, despite the holes not being countersunk.

Max Rosenthal
Please countersink screw holes

Or at least the top right hole by the pg dn key. I had some interference with the switch by this hole because the screw wasn't flush with the plate.

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