About Us



Keyboard Kustoms is a manufacturer of customs keyboard plates and foams specializing in Keychron keyboards. We will cover all Q series boards, most K series, upcoming V series and more.

Although we are launching only supporting Keychron, we plan to include a wide selection of custom boards in the near future. 

We are a small team of custom keyboard enthusiasts with backgrounds in engineering, modelling, aviation and more!  

Our mission:

Provide the highest quality products possible, with the fastest and most cost effective means of shipping. The products we sell have all been designed, created and tested in Keyboard Kustoms labs to ensure their quality, fitment and your satisfaction

Whether we begin the design process with a plate file or without, our methods remain the same. With the physical keyboard in hand we use calibrated tools to precisely measure and recreate all the details that make up our products: The switch spacings, mount screw placements and sizes, plate lengths and widths. When the initial design is finished we create prototypes to test fit and modify if needed. This is repeated again and again until we have a final product that we ourselves would be satisfied to buy.


Some facts about our products:

Our POM Plates have notches underneath to ensure your switches clip in and remain in place. We use specialized manufacturing techniques to eliminate laser marks. 

All our Q series POM plates come with gaskets and standoffs. The gaskets are made by Us using the same material that Keychron supplies. The plate standoffs are not required for installation of the plate, but our philosophy of their inclusion is simple: When you receive a plate from us you must have everything you need to install it how you choose. 

Our PE Foam includes cutouts for switch contacts to reduce bent switch pins during install.

We offer both Poron foam and EVA foam because we think you should be able to tailor your board to your tastes!


If you have any questions about any of our products please reach out via the Contact page!