Opening Launch!

Finally the day has arrived! After months of preparation, design work, prototype testing and many many late nights after our day jobs, we have made it. We are beyond excited and hope Keyboard Kustoms becomes a staple in the custom keyboard community for quality in stock products ready to ship!


We will be supporting as many styles and boards as possible in the coming few weeks. Currently ISO products are OOS but will be available very soon for Q1 and Q2 boards. 

Q3 is in design now and we eagerly await delivery of both our knob and no-knob versions for finally design and fitment tests. We expect these to be available mid April.

More K series boards are also in the design stage and we expect those products to be available towards the end of April

We will be expanding support beyond Keychron in the near future too, including custom orders.

Stay tuned!


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